Pandemic Flu Model

This video is a model of the potential spread and subsequent dispersion of a pandemic flu virus.  The information with the video describes it as modeling a “moderately contagious” flu.  The video provides both a graph of the United States as well as a time graph of the number of cases of flu.  You can see watching the video that the spread of the virus is very much a reaction diffusion process.  When the flu first begins to spread almost the entirety of the population is “exciteable” in the sense that they are able to be infected with the virus.  Once the virus spreads and reaches it’s max (the red color in the video) there is no where else for the virus to spread so it begins to dissapear from the population and returns to a very low density.  I thought this was a very cool model because it shows the application of the reaction diffusion process to a very large phenomenon that could maybe be used in further research to stop the spread of disease.

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