Media Hunt #1 Chaotic Pendulum AGAIN!!!!!

So we have seen tied chaotic pendulums (Riddick Hall) and also the magnetic pendulum built out of Magnetix pieces (WordPress).

Well this is a computer simulated one:

The Basics: They are releasing a pendulum at a certain displacement and then subjecting it to an oscillating force that induces the pendulum to swing (damping field)

Not to sure on the blogging thing on how to embed the demo but you can alter the mass the damping field(oscillating force) and its behavior
But it also plots the angular velocity of the pendulum on a chart.

To make a live demo of these you would have to attach the RIGID pendulum to an electric motor that was given an oscillating amount of current to act as the damping force.

Just the slightest change in the system’s initial conditions yields a different but an obvious replication(repeating pattern) that proves it to not be random but also aperiodic. The only concerning thing is the Physics derivation at the end that yields an equation, may not be chaotic then however to those that don’t understand it the angular velocity appears to be chaotic

[Sorry it is not a video but the one I wanted to do was taken already, so i found the next best thing: AN INTERACTIVE VIDEO]

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