Zombie Outbreak Simulator


I remember stumbling upon this game a while ago, and only now realize how well it fits the chaotic model we’ve learned. In this game, you are given a Google Maps picture of Washington D.C. and can control the starting number of zombies and numbers of civilians, along with the speed of zombies and other factors. The outcome of each iteration is the same (all zombies) but the speed at which it reaches this ending is sensitive to the starting conditions. The general progression can be determined (outwards from the initial) but the speed and exact shape are unpredictable.

The original game, “Zombie Outbreak Simulator,” wont load, but the newer version, ” Class 3 Outbreak,” is about the same. There have been some updates, such as the cops that can be controlled, but the fundamentals of the game still remain chaotic. The zombies now appear in random locations, so you cant control the initial locations, but the progression is still the same. The police squads can be used to add another variable to the how the game goes, but the outcome will still be 100% zombie.

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