Computer Generated Tree

As we discussed in class, tree structures can be made by following a defined set of rules for a certain number of iterations. However, the tree structures in the pictures of the “Tree and Leaf” chapter of Branches did not seem to closely resemble what a natural tree would look like. This video shows a computer program called L-konna, which is used to produce a very realistic looking tree that not only has branches that bend downward but also has colorful leaves. L-konna is a Java-based application that can create L-systems. An L-system, or Lindenmayer system, is commonly used recursive system that can generate self-similar fractals and model the growth of plants. The L-system was discovered by a Hungarian theoretical biologist and botanist named Astrid Lindenmayer, who first used it to model the growth of yeast, fungi, and algae. It was later developed to describe higher plants and complex branching structures.

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