Media Hunt #2: The snowflake

A snowflake is a fractal.  It branches out six directions that look fairly similar no matter which direction you go.  For all intents and purposes, I am going to assume that the snowflake in this picture is flat, like a snowflake that you created in kindergarten made out of paper.   Because the snowflake has no height, it can not have a dimension greater than two.  The snowflake is certainly not in the first dimension because it has both length and width.  The snowflake is a two dimensional object with spaces in it (like our balled up piece of paper in class, just one dimension lower).  This would imply that the snowflake exists somewhere in between the first and second dimensions.  Now for the interesting part.  When a snowflake melts, it turns into water.  Water/ice is one of those strange things in nature that expands when it freezes and shrinks when it melts.  So when a snowflake melts, it gets smaller.  Now consider that drop of water.  A drop of water exists in the third dimension (just think of water in a glass; it has height, length, and width, but no holes).  This means that when a snowflake melts and shrinks, it goes from the 1.something dimension to the third dimension: a greater dimension.  Normally when we think of something going up in dimensions, we think of it expanding.  Strangely, a snowflake works in the opposite direction.

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