Lightning in Slow Motion, Lichtenberg Figures Videos

Lichtenberg figures are fractal formations caused by electrical discharge. They can occur in rocks, grass, wood, or even people (as shown by Abby)! In Abby’s post, I think it is interesting to see the interaction of one fractal (electricity) with another (capillary and blood flow in the human body).

This video shows the creation of many Lichtenberg figures in glass. I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video, but if you copy and paste the link it should work. This video displays sensitivity to initial conditions – look at how different the fractals are from slight differences in how they are created:

However, the most “striking” video that I found was this one, showing a lightning bolt in slow motion. Amazing! Makes me wonder if this could be used as a model for evolution, showing chaos, sensitivity to initial conditions, extinction, and selection:

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