Media Hunt 2: Mandelbrot TED Talk

The following is a video of Mandelbrot himself explaining the concept of roughness and how he found regularity within roughness. In the beginning he goes through how a cauliflower, for example, has a repetitive morphology; the more you cut it, the smaller yet same cauliflowers you have. What’s really amazing is how he is able to estimate, just by looking, the fractal dimension of a certain picture. He also talks about how he came up with certain assumptions that were correct, though he had no proofs for them (his friends later found the proofs).

In the video, Mandelbrot  describes himself as “constructing a geometry, a geometry of things which had no geometry” which I thought was pretty interesting.

He also talks about the use of his findings in CGI images in movies, the debate over how large the area of a lung is, and other interesting facts about his career and the Mandelbrot set. He is a really funny guy and the video was very entertaining to watch.

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