Burning Ship


The burning ship fractal was first described by Michael Michelitsch and Otto Rossler in 1992.  This fractal is created by iterations of the equations:

Xn+1 = Xn^2 – Yn^2 – Cx

Yn+1 = 2 * absvalue( Xn*Yn) – Cy

This video zooms in on a fractal that resembles a burning ship.  As you zoom in closer and closer, you start to see the repeated pattern of the burning ship.  This is much like the Mendelbrot set, since each time you zoomed in you would see a smaller version of the original shape.  I would like to explore the burning ship fractal more to see if there are any other repeated shapes.  For example, this video only zooms in the the area on the right.  I wonder if the “swirly smoke” also has this kind of repeated pattern.


For more info:  Burning Ship Fractal

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