orbital chaos leads to planet collision

In “Celestial Disharmonies” the idea of orbital chaos was discussed.  Astronomers learned that even the planets show sensitivity to initial conditions, and if one planetary orbit is slightly changed, it has dramatic effects on the rest of the planets.  Even though these computer simulations show that the solar system is chaotic and that after a while all the planets will be moving around randomly, we have seen our solar system in the same stable state for billions of years.  Actually, when physicists calculated the Lyapunov time for our solar system it revealed that our solar system should have moved into chaos many years ago.  Perhaps this chaos that computer programs predict does not exist in our solar system or perhaps it just does not exist at such a large scale as to make the planets leave their orbits.  This video, however, does believe that in 3 million years the planets will begin moving chaotically and eventually crash.

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