Chaos in Solar System Orbits

The video shows computer simulations of the solar system focusing on the orbits of the planets. There are multiple different simulations in the video that represent the number of different possible outcomes in which the orbits may evolve. It states that the gravitational effects of the planets can affect the other planets and cause unpredictable changes. This is very similar to the claim made in the reading where Peterson says “resonances destroy predictability.” Due to the interactions of the planets it is difficult to truly know how the solar system will evolve in the future. However, many researchers have come up with multiple possibilities. The video also shows the possible outcome of the orbits of the inner planets becoming catastrophic causing the Earth and Venus to collide. This was also mentioned in the reading, but both clearly state that the likelihood of that happening is very small. In fact, Peterson states that Laskar wrote that just because different orbits are possible does not necessarily¬† mean that this result will happen at all.

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