The Missing Universe

The stability of the universe is an ongoing debate between physicists. A major factor of this debate is the presence of hidden matter and energy, such as Dark Matter and Dark Energy. As mentioned in the video, visible matter is only 5% of the calculated total mass of the universe. The remaining mass is 23% dark matter and 72% dark energy. With the vast majority of the universe is not yet discovered or understood, it’s hard to say whether the universe is stable or not.

There were many interesting topics discussed in this video. It was posted Oct. 25, 2010, so all the information is relevant. The possibility of ‘anti-planets’ reminds me of many comic book plots, but it makes sense given the theory that an equal amount of matter and antimatter were created during the Big Bang.  Looking deep in the Earth for particles not blocked by the atmosphere is an idea that I would not have thought of

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