Lasers, Encryption, and Chaos

A new technique in ensuring the security of data is encryption by lasers.  Data is converted into an optical signal.  Once in an optic form, the data is fed through a laser whose naturally occurring chaos has been heightened.  Now comes the confusing part: chaos synchronization.  Basically, a second laser receives the data that the first laser sent.  By knowing the chaos of the original laser the data can be extracted by subtracting the original laser’s beam from the receiving laser’s beam.  According to the article, scientists still are not entirely sure how this works, but it does!  This technique has been used to send data over 120 kilometers of fiber optic cable at a speed of about one gigabyte per second.  People are still performing many tests to see if this method of encryption is up to the standards of current methods, but it is predicted that this technique could being in large use within the next five years.

Surprisingly, there are no videos or pictures of lasers encrypting some data, so the hyperlink for the article is at the top of this post.

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