The Internet: Mosh pit of Awesomeness

So the internet is technically a collaboration of computers that say what they see to all the others computers they talk too and then it just continues like this through the chain. Well we can map this out, we can discuss what has come from it, or we can talk about what can be done using this style of interaction

This is a Ted video [OMG I need to stop stumbling all the time-that is how I found this video] and he brings up several uses of the internet and how a single (Pakistan youtube hijacking ordeal) change to this balance can take down a huge chunk of the web. On those pictures you see in the earlier posts in that two hour period would have a giant whole if all the other points were held constant.

Those sniffer bots mentioned in the TED video are how those maps are made [they make a loop and then drop all there connections info into the computer mapping and then go out again and again.

So the internet content is held together by people in windowless rooms basically that just feel that people having access is better then them being lied to or held in the dark.

Thus there are two people that really control the internet those that help and those that



All things considered it is possible to get to the target many ways thus data can be routed several ways to get from point A to point B

Oh wait that is in use all ready

This sharing of all knowledge allows for quick transfers of large amounts of data.
Also not receiving payment is key to how it all works. The kindness of supporting other’s files to allow quicker transfer-rates for new Leechers goes to show what Jonathon Zittrain could envision. An open network of people wanting to improve everyone else’s life.

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