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National Geo: A World in Chaos

This video shows what would happen if the moon shifted. In class we talked about the time researchers think chaos will occur, and this video seems to think around 1.5 billion years- much longer than 4 or 30 million we explored in our reading. The video explores the implications of the moon making a chaotic shift, thus causing the water to move away from the equator and destroying the agriculture of a lot of the world by changing the climate. This video has kind of a dooming tone, saying chaos is coming it’s just a matter of when, but it is still cool to think about how another factor could induce chaos in the solar system.


Ecological Patterns: Intertidal Mudflats

Seen above is an example of a small portion of an intertidal mudflat, or a region rich in nutrients and life which sees the rise and fall of tides that renew the wetland each day. Clear patterns can be seen in the photo of what appears to be miniature drainage ditches between patches of mud. As discussed in the reading, these are caused by the buildup of organisms and biofilms on slightly raised portions of the wetland. These raised portions cause water to seek a lower altitude, thus forming intricate networks of small streams which lead to larger streams and eventually back to the sea.

In the video below, an example of this can be seen on a larger scale at the very beginning. The Wadden Sea National Park is home to the “largest unbroken stretch of intertidal mudflats in the world.” Other parts of interest are at 0:33, 0:56, and 1:45, where these networks can be seen.